Bow Chicka Wow Wow

The Vanessa family, featuring Vanessa, little sis Mini V and their tough bro Bute, are a fully equipped team of road-safety warriors.

Part photo-booth, part chill out zone, blood alcohol tester and guiding light. They travel to music festivals, open days, rural events and parties to engage with young people and prove that partying and road safety can be best friends.

If you wanna invite Vanessa, Mini V or Bute to your event, get in contact with the friendly Vanessa team. They’ll take your breath away. Then test it.

  •  Focus, focus, focus. It's a rainy one today, so make sure you stay alert on the roads.
  •  Nothing beats a good #sunset.
  •  Put your hands up in the air. PUT.YOUR.HANDS.UP.IN.THE.AIR #FRIDAY #fbf @groovinthemoo
  •  We completely agree @deakinuniversity #coffee
  •  Touche Jason! Happy Friday the 13th guys. Make sure you don't pick up any hitchhikers today… you probably shouldn't do that anyways, safety first. #Friday13th
  •  #TBT to that time you guys got real deep at @fallsfestival
  •  A little bit of live advice to get you through your Wednesday. #HumpDay
  •  Did we Vanessarazzi you at @Groovinthemoo #Bendigo? Album is up on our Facebook now. Link in bio.
  •  For some it's the first, for others it's one of many, we hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Regram from the beautiful @rubytuesdaymatthews #MothersDay #❤️
  •  Booth yourself at @groovinthemoo #Bendigo? The photo booth album is up on our Facebook page now. Link in bio.
  •  And that's a wrap, what a weekend. I want to see ya'll in your Vanessa merch, don't forget to tag me 😘 Regram: @bernardwinter #groovinthemoo2015
  •  @therubens surfing up at storm @groovinthemoo #bendigo. Make sure you swing past @vanessabus for a free breath test before heading off tonight! Be safe. Love V. Xoxo
  •  Happy groovin groovers @groovinthemoo #Bendigo. Don't forget to come and say hey.... Look for the big bus covered faces... You can't miss me 😉. Regram: @_gregholland
  •  Heading to @Groovinthemoo Bendigo tomorrow? Early night, take pit-stops and make sure you have a safe exit plan to get home. Come visit me tomorrow, I have all your festival freebies waiting for you. V. xoxo
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  •  Get really to moo.... 3 days until @groovinthemoo #Bendigo. Regram: @lukeasutton #GTM2016
  •  You're not in #FastAndTheFurious, slow it down.
  •  Lest we forget #AnzacDay
  •  Ready to worship Queen of decks @alisonwonderland? Less than 1 week until @Groovinthemoo Bendigo!
  •  Just woke up? Might be time to track down @mrburgertruck Just saying. #HangoverCure #burger

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