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Welcome to the zero generation. Grew up in the zeros. Drink zeros. Have zero dollars. We’re individuals and collectives, snappers and chatters. We’re artists and athletes, influencers and interns. Together we will do the impossible. Together we will lose no one to the roads. Together, we are the zero collective.

It's all of us for none of us.

Who is Vanessa?

Drink Driving

Drink driving can be dangerous, and not just because rosé is hard to get out of car upholstery. Luckily there’s a really simple way to avoid drink driving.

Drug Driving

If you’re taking anything stronger than a Panadol there’s a good chance it’s going to affect your driving ability – especially if said drug isn’t exactly legal – so it’s a good idea to avoid mixing the two.


It doesn’t matter how good the latest Snapchat filter is, it can wait until you’re out of the car. Would you really want your last words to be the smiling poo emoji?

Tired Driving

One minute you’re driving, the next you’re sitting your high school exams in your underwear, and that’s not even the worst part – fatigue can be fatal in the blink of an eye.

Prepare to Party

The Beastie Boys fought tooth and nail for your right to party, so make it count, plan ahead. Nothing spoils a good night like getting stranded without a lift.

Vehicle Safety

You don’t need a boxy 90’s Volvo to be safe these days. Safe cars come in a variety of colours, sizes and best of all, the ability to fit even the thriftiest of budgets.

The Vanessa Fleet consists of our bus, minivan and Bute. It’s the vehicular equivalent of the Ice Age films (don’t read too far into that analogy). You’ll see the fleet at open days and some of the best music festivals, spreading good vibes and our mantra – all of us for none of us.

Find out more

Vanessa Internships

Want a chance to land your dream job, heading to some of the biggest music festivals
around Victoria? Have a way with words? Social media on point? Got the knack for producing? The Vanessa
internship will be open for applications soon – watch this space!

Most of us wouldn’t know a safe car from a potato. Luckily the Internet is here to help. Select your
budget and search through a smorgasbord of safe cars with whatever cash you’ve got.

Events, competitions, prizes - is this the best subscription ever? Only one way to find out.

Events, competitions, prizes - is this the best subscription ever? Only one way to find out.